Global Layout

To meet the market demand for a mass of high-quality jewelry, in 1994, MIAARTE set up a manufacturing plant in China. The plant is now located in Dongguan City of Guangdong Province, covering a total area of 25,000 square meters.

In 2006, we introduced the TPS (Toyota Production System) and hired TPS consultants to guide and improve our factory's automation. In addition to the introduction of some advanced equipment at home and abroad, we also improve and develop some special production equipment. At present, the production capacity of MIAARTE's manufacturing plant has reached 800,000 pieces per month, and two thirds are the orders from internationally renowned brands, which has proved that we have a perfect management system and our products are high-quality.

Over the years, we have recruited outstanding designers from Italy, the UK, the US and other countries, and set up a professional design team. The creation inspiration of our designers derives from art, technology, celebrities, fashion trends and everyday life. The jewelry we design are fashionable, unique and diverse. They give people a visual enjoyment and are very popular among consumers.

MIAARTE has been innovating and improving the operation modes in production and service since its creation. Professional staff are arranged in every link. After decades of development, we have built a professional operation team, trained a group of professional operation personnel, and constantly optimized our operation modes to make our products and service more competitive.

MIAARTE employs a marketing mode combining online and offline sales, namely the O2O mode. Online, we have an offcial mall and a micro store, and will start our own stores in Tmall and Amazon in the future; offline, we have reached a strategic cooperation with one of China's top game console suppliers. Furthermore, we have jewelry shoppes in many A-level department stores in the United States, and are ready to open some brand stores in some big cities of China. In the future, we will develop more product sales channels to meet the growing consumer demand.