Brand Introduction

  Miaarte Jewelry, founded in the early 1980s, emerged during a time when precious jewelry was a prevailing trend, symbolizing luxury and value retention. However, the high prices deterred many individuals. Young couples sought to express everlasting love through accessories, yet expensive jewelry posed a hindrance. This gave rise to the emergence of the affordable luxury fashion jewelry industry.


  Our original intention was to provide affordable luxury fashion accessories, allowing people to effortlessly convey enduring love. Today, accessories not only symbolize romantic love but also represent friendship, family bonds, and individuality.

  Miaarte Jewelry initially gained popularity at flea markets in the United States, with products in high demand. To ensure quality and stable supply, we established a top-tier manufacturing factory in Dongguan, equipped with advanced technologies and a talented manufacturing team. This enables us to offer high-quality jewelry at a competitive advantage, allowing more people to convey eternal love and happiness at reasonable prices.
As market competition increased, we expanded our design team to provide a more diverse range of designs and options. Our design team hails from various locations such as Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Eventually, we consolidated our design team in Taiwan. Gradually, our jewelry gained recognition internationally, attracting collaborations with numerous renowned brands. Today, Miaarte Jewelry serves as an OEM manufacturer for world-renowned brands, holding a significant market share in many well-known department stores in the United States.
 Miaarte is a fashion jewelry company that has evolved into an OEM and ODM supplier for internationally renowned brands and has also embarked on creating its own OEM brand. Guided by the spirit of conveying love and peace, we offer a diverse, personalized, and customized range of products and services, with the aim of bringing happiness and inspiration to people.
Over the course of 30 years, Miaarte Jewelry has developed into an integrated enterprise encompassing sales, manufacturing, design, and service. With exquisite manufacturing craftsmanship, a distinctive design style, and a keen focus on details, Miaarte shines in the realm of fashion jewelry. In recent years, we have actively pursued cross-industry collaborations, continuously improved manufacturing processes, and innovated designs, presenting our products to consumers in more ways. This has positioned us as a benchmark in the fashion jewelry industry.
  We continuously expand our market presence, explore numerous online and offline sales channels, and offer personalized customization services. Diverse style choices, innovative designs, and refined production processes are our commitments, alongside providing added convenience. We eagerly anticipate enabling more consumers to experience our high-quality products and exceptional services.