The origin of MIAARTE Fashion Jewelry can be traced back to the early 1980s. At that time, most people were more inclined to wear fine jewelry because it symbolized luxury and could keep its value. However, the high price made them discouraged from fine jewelry.

Young couples were eager to love and be loved. When stepping into the wedding hall, they would not only offer themeselves, but also pass the eternal love to each other through the jewelry —— No matter how poor or rich, I just love you in all my life. However, for low-income people, wearing fine jewelry was unattainable; for high-income people, wearing high-value jewelry in their daily lives made them fearful. Under such circumstances, people began to desire the emergence of a substitute for fine jewelry, and therefore affordable fashion jewelry came into being.

We are specialised in luxury but affordable jewelry that allow people to pass the eternal love. And this is the original intention that we created MIAARTE. Today, jewelry can not only be used to pass love, but also symbolize friendship, kinship, and personality.

We started with the sale of fashion jewelry in the flea market in the US. Our products were very popular among the consumers, and usually sold out. Hence, we added the inventory, but we still could not meet the market demand. Moreover, the products we purchased at that time were defective. In view of these facts, we made a big decision——we would set up our own production line to ensure that our products could meet the market demand in both quantity and quality.

In order to make our products attractive in price and quality, we established our manufacturing plant in Dongguan, the world's factory. Dongguan brought together the top manufacturing talents and technologies in the world, so our products could maintain a competitive advantage in price and those people who were eager to love and be loved could constantly pass happiness to their lovers.

Later, there were more and more competitors in the market. We began to expand our own design team, hoping that consumers could enjoy more diversified designs and selections. We recruited outstanding designers from Italy, the UK, the US, HongKong, Taiwan and other countries, and set our design team in Taiwan. Gradually, our jewelry became famous in the world, and many well-known brands began to cooperate with us. Today, our jewelry has a place in many A-level department stores in the United States.

In addition to undertaking OEM and ODM orders from internationally renowned brands, we hoped to adhere to our original intention and pass it to the whole world, so we started to focus on OBM. MIAARTE adheres to the spirit that people can pass love and peace by jewelry, and provides diversified, personalized and customized goods and service, which we hope can bring happiness and affection to people.

In the past three decades, MIAARTE has gradually developed into a fashion jewelry enterprise integrating sales, manufacture, design, and service. Relying on exquisite craftsmanship, unique design style and attention to details, MIAARTE has continuously shined in the fashion jewelry industry. In recent years, we have been constantly trying to cooperate with companies in other industries, improve our processes and innovate our designs, so that our products can be presented to consumers in more ways. MIAARTE is gradually becoming the benchmark for the fashion jewelry industry.

We expect to continuously expand the market, develop more online and offline channels, and provide exclusive personalized service. We will keep innovative in design, changeable in style, and exquisite in craftsmanship. And we will provide more convenient services to enable more consumers to experience our high-quality products and service.