Design & Technologies

MIAARTE is deeply convinced that a touching design is one of the essences of creating unique fashion jewelry. MIAARTE has always adhered to the design concept of " innovating designs, demonstrating individuality, leading the fashion, focusing on details and passing love". We strictly select materials, gemstones and processes. MIAARTE has skillfully integrated fashion elements, creative designs and advanced craftsmanship. The jewelry we create is not only elegant and individual, but also affordable. In addition to our own designs, we are also willing to help consumers create their own exclusive jewelry and turn their designs into reality.

Our products are diversified in style, including ring sets, military rings, claw setting rings, masonic rings, the series of Heart of Ocean and the royal style, etc.

Of these, ring sets, composed of two or more rings, is divided into a main ring and some secondary rings. The secondary rings are usually used to intersperse the main ring. By a skillful combination, they can present an infinite sense of luxury.

The jewelry series of Heart of Ocean was inspired by the sapphire "Heart of Ocean" in the movie "Titanic", which symbolizes the unforgettable love of Jack and Rose. This product was snapped up by consumers as soon as it was put on the market.

Personalized design, exquisite workmanship and affordable price are the core competitiveness of MIAARTE's products. We will continuously enhance our core competitiveness and provide our customers with more high-quality products.

Our jewelry materials include brass, 925 sterling silver and titanium steel. All jewelry materials are carefully selected and can be recycled and reused in order to reduce the negative impact on the human environment, whcih is in accordance with the concept of green environmental protection.

Brass refers to an alloy of copper and zinc, and is originally used to cast copper coins in Ming Dynasty. It has the properties of high strength, high hardness and strong corrosion resistance. The proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties.

925 silver refers to a product containing about 92.5% of silver, and is an internationally recognized standard for silver jewelry. It has the properties of anti-oxidation, excellent abrasion resistance and high gloss. The silver with an ultra-high purity is soft and easily oxidized. 925 silver is added with 7.5% of other metals and therefore has a perfect hardness. It can be shaped better and inlaid with various gemstones to create the jewelry with diversified shapes, bright colors, unique styles and exquisite workmanship.

Titanium steel, namely 316L stainless steel, has a gloss of sterling silver and platinum. It has the properties of good durability, rust protection, hypoallergenic, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and creep resistance, which make it the best material choice in the fashion jewelry industry.

The materials of MIAARTE jewelry have reached the top standard of the industry, regardless of in quality level or environmental protection. We firmly believe that high-quality materials can give consumers a better product experience.

To provide our customers with high-quality jewelry, we select the gemstones strictly. The high-quality stones we use include Swarovski and Preciosa crystals, high-grade crystals from Austria, AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia, zircons of Hearts and Arrows, corundum, etc.

Swarovski crystal stone is a world-recognized embodiment of high quality, dazzle and high accuracy. The advanced cutting process is its biggest feature. Swarovski crystals have a unique transmission of light that the other ordinary crystals or natural crystals don't have.

Zircons of Hearts and Arrows refers to the gemstones to which some top cutting methods in the world are applied. Viewing such stones by a special observation instrument, you will see some interesting patterns. Viewng from the top of the stones, you will see a perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows; viewng from the bottom of the stones, you will see a pattern of eight symmetrical hearts. The two patterns are repeatable and nearly perfect.

High-quality gemstones will ensure that the beauty of jewelry is displayed more vividly and the meaning of the stone itself can be passed down for a long time.

We employ some advanced production technologies, such as micro-inlay technology, wax inlay technology, titanium steel technology, 3D waxing technology and so on. We are strict with the process selection, and arrange a special QC technician for each process to ensure that each product we produce can meet the highest quality standard.

Micro-inlay Technology:In 2010, we introduced the advanced micro-inlay technology from the United States. Micro-inlay technology, also called micro stud inlay, is a kind of gemstone inlay method which is relatively complicated and requires a relatively high inlay technology. Just as its name implies, studs used in this inlay method are tiny, and we usually need to use a magnifying glass to observe. By this method, inlaid stones will give people a sense of floating, and can display their gloss better.

Wax Inlay Technology:In addition to micro-inlay technology, we have also adopted the improved wax inlay technology. The technology is relative to the gold inlay. First, inlay gemstones into a wax model before casting. After gypsum model manufacturing, dewaxing and roasting, stones will be fixed on the gypsum wall of the cavity. When metal liquid is poured into the cavity, the liquid will wrap the stones. After cooling and shrinking, the gemstones will be firmly fixed in the metal rabbet.

Titanium Steel Technology:We have advanced manufacturing technology of titanium steel products. By the advanced manufacturing technology, skillful craftsmen in MIAARTE can make rough titanium steel into various shapes of jewelry with a beautiful appearance.

We will continuously pay attention to the latest industry news, innovate and improve our current production technologies to enhance our production efficiency, product quality and product competitiveness.

The electroplatings MIAARTE adopts are Galvanic Plating and Vacuum Plating (Ion Plating).

Galvanic Plating is a plating method that a certain metal is plated onto the surface of a workpiece by electrolysis to form a metal shell. The principle is to combine the plating layer with the substrate to form an alloy, which can greatly increase the strength of a product.

Vacuum Plating (Ion Plating) refers to a method in which a gas or an evaporated substance is partially ionized by a gas discharge under a vacuum condition, and the evaporated substance or its reactant is deposited on the substrate under the bombardment of the gas ions or the ions of an evaporated substance. Compared with some conventional electroplatings, vacuum plating has many advantages, such as strong adhesion to the substrate, a good diffraction, and a wide range of materials that can be plated. All these operations are done in a vacuum chamber at a single time. Moreover, this plating can save materials and is pollution free.

Galvanic plating and vacuum plating are the two electroplatings which have different advantages and are commonly used in the jewelry industry. MIAARTE skillfully employs these two electroplatings and makes its products diversified in style and color so that the needs of different consumers can be met.