Design Technologies

  Since 1980, MIAARTE has always adhered to the founder's original intention, adhering to the concept of "innovative design, showcasing individuality, leading fashion, focusing on details, and conveying love". We carefully select materials, stones, and processes to perfectly blend creativity and fashion, producing exquisite jewelry that shines brightly and is affordable.

  From inspiration conception to series launch, every step is carefully polished to present the brand's unique style. Incorporating over 30 years of exquisite craftsmanship from the brand, coupled with our carefully selected materials and a strong team of designers, we produce a variety of product styles, including set rings, military rings, claw set rings, Tongji Club rings, Ocean Heart, and royal style series.

  MIAARTE's jewelry is made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, using brass, 925 sterling silver, and titanium steel that far exceed industry standards. The innovative design and high-quality jewelry materials create more shiny and exquisite MIAARTE jewelry.

  As part of our commitment to practice, in order to provide higher quality jewelry, we choose high-quality stones such as Swarovski, Bossa, Austrian crystals, AAA grade Soviet diamonds, eight hearts and eight arrows zircon, and corundum. These high-quality gemstones not only possess unique beauty and sparkling luster, but also undergo strict selection and processing layer by layer, ensuring the quality and durability of the jewelry, bringing gorgeous and exquisite decorations.

  We adopt advanced production processes, including micro inlay technology, wax inlay technology, titanium steel technology, and 3D wax spraying technology, to make the jewelry display a more shiny and exquisite charm. We are developing various new technologies to create better MIAARTE jewelry. Miati utilizes advanced electroplating techniques, including water plating and IP plating (vacuum ion plating). Miati flexibly utilizes various electroplating techniques to make its products versatile in style and color, meeting consumer needs.

  We will continue to monitor the latest developments in the craftsmanship of the jewelry industry, continuously innovate and improve our existing production processes, enhance production efficiency and product quality. Focusing on trend planning, design, and brand promotion strategies, we aim to design more high-quality and affordable jewelry to meet the needs and preferences of different consumers. Our goal is to continuously enhance brand competitiveness and bring you more high-quality and cost-effective exquisite jewelry, so that every consumer can enjoy a high-quality shopping experience, exude confidence and fashion.